Cronut Mania Spreads To London

The ‘Cronut’ vs. the ‘DKA’ The ‘Cronut’ conquers New York Though the cronut has gained worldwide attention on social media since its debut in May, few in the UK have had the chance to taste the unique pastry — until now. “It just went viral because it’s new,” Dominique Ansel told CNN’. “It’s fun; it’s unusual; it’s good.” Read: Starbucks and UK baker in ‘Duffin’ kerfuffle One British bakery described it as the most exciting pastry launch since the sausage roll. But although they have proved extremely popular with British customers, the intense enthusiasm for cronuts in New York is unlikely to be replicated in London. “Cronuts are called “Yum Yums” in this country and you can buy them in [the supermarket Waitrose . We’ve had them for decades,” wrote Richard Turner, the owner of London’s Hawksmoor steakhouse , in an email to his business partner. Adalat Hussain, co-owner of the Wild and Wood cafe in Central London says British cronut-eaters are attempting to master the treat with a knife and fork. “I think using your hands is the best way,” he says. It just went viral because it’s new. It’s fun; it’s unusual; it’s good. Dominique Ansel Back across the pond, a young woman in the queue outside the Dominique Ansel Bakery declared the cronut a typically American invention.

London police question four terror suspects after raids

Ben Affleck. It seems you cant channel hop for more than ten seconds these days without seeing some sort of super-buff hero take charge of the screen. And where are they? New York, Gotham and Metropolis. But where are Londons heroes? Yes, there are amazing people who make London life safer, but why dont we have a bona fide super-healing, acrobatic, gravity-defying super-being to defend our city? Well, it seems that our pleas from last year have been heeded, as in true comic book fashion, a superhero is gestating in London town. At Sohos Vinyl Factory, HPs ZED pop-up will see six animators creating what they believe Londons superhero would look like, all the way from infancy to muscle-bound maturity. Today (October 14), youll see the genesis of our fair hero as the artist details his or her younger years (see the draft of the very beginning above). Tomorrow (October 15), theyll be covering the golden age of the superhero between 12pm and 5pm and then tomorrow evening (Wednesday October 16 from 7pm9pm) theyll screen the lifecycle of Londons Hero on stage. And if you want to have a go at creating a hero yourself, HP have provided some work stations where you can create your very own interpretation of Londons wonder kid.

Help create London’s very own superhero

Rock, Paper, Scissors world championship London

A 28-year-old British national of Azerbaijani origin was arrested at a house in Notting Hill, west London, and a 29-year-old Briton of Pakistani origin was arrested in a street in Peckham, southeast London. A Metropolitan Police spokesman said so-called Hatton rounds — special shotgun ammunition used to breach doors and tyres — were “specifically used to disable a car” in the arrests in east London. “They were used to shoot at tyres. No one was injured,” the spokesman told AFP. The arrest took place in a street about 200 metres from the Tower of London, one of London’s busiest tourist attractions. Armed officers were involved in all of the arrests. All four men were being held at a police station in south London on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism. Under British counter-terror laws the suspects can be held for 48 hours and police can then apply for warrants to hold them for up to 14 days from the time of arrest. Police said the raids were the result of a “pre-planned intelligence operation” and added that “public safety remains our overriding concern”. The BBC quoted government officials as saying that a decision to act was taken on Sunday to dismantle the “potentially very serious” plot, although it was not on the scale of previous large-scale bomb plots. A witness to the arrest in Notting Hill, in an upmarket street lined with boutiques and restaurants, said the arrested man “didn’t look like a terrorist”. Ramin Massodi, a worker at a Persian restaurant, said specialist officers in several cars pushed the suspect up against the glass of the restaurant. “I heard shouting then I looked outside and saw four cars…